Aramis was one of The Three Musketeers in the historical novel of writer Alexandre Dumas 1844.


Going safely through the passes of the Arcachon Bay depends on many factors such as map, tide, stream, pilot, etc.
Going successfully to market likewise requires information and experience!

Aramis Aero Consult embraces the Musketeers’ mantra: “L’ union fait la force “, literally” Stronger together”.
Like the Musketeers, Aramis Aero strives to exhibit courage, honesty, pragmatism, fairness, all with the necessary portion of adventurous & humor

Aramis Aero aims at gathering the best knowledge and expertise to develop new products for aircraft cabin business.




Aramis Aero Consulting aims to deliver corporate, product and sales strategies for new cabin solutions in commercial and business aviation.

Maurice Marais Experience

Maurice worked for global aerospace companies including DGAC, Aerospatiale, Airbus, Litton Aero Products, Northrop Grumman, and Panasonic Avionics but never lost his entrepreneurial mindset. Throughout his career, he was often considered the necessary “stone in the shoe” gently challenging the conventional thinking and pushing things forward.

During his 35+ years in commercial aviation, Maurice has continuously proved his intuition for business development delivering revenues and profits, thanks to his ability to balance the goal with practical realism. He retired in 2021 as Head of Europe Strategy at Panasonic Avionics, the industry leader for Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity.

Maurice recently created Aramis Aero Consulting to help others turn new ambitious & innovative projects into business successes.


Those who pursue business are artists at work on an endlessly unfolding canvas.


Like the artist, who uses paint, brushes, and canvas to create a beautiful painting, the entrepreneur uses people, goods, and capital to develop new products and provide services in response to the constantly changing needs of the times. In that sense the entrepreneur is an artist of multiple talents. 


The Principles of Success - Konosuke Matsushita


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